Butterflies and life

Roxy the butterfly resting on some roses.

I was walking on the beach as the tide was going out. The water was warm and I remember thinking how gentle it was, yet how dangerous this same water could be. It was then that ‘Roxy’ caught my eye. Lying in the sand, right where the waves were washing the shore, was a beautiful butterfly. It lay covered with sand, perfect in every other way. I bent down to pick it up. I recall thinking how sad it was that this little butterfly had been caught flying too close to the water. I cupped my hands to protect the butterfly from the wind. As I continued my walk I started to think of how YHWH cups us in His hands. How we were all covered in sin, and often compromise and dance with the world. I reflected on His amazing grace, and how we have life within us because of what Yeshua did for us. I became aware of a slight movement in my hand. Excitedly I peeped through my clasped fingers to see little legs moving… life within us. God does not want one single person to perish, instead He offers us life through His Son. If I have been given life, then I have life to give through Him. I was very excited at the prospect of what was going on inside my hand, but more so within my spirit.

I approached a tap and very gently rinsed off the sand from Roxy’s wings. The fresh water did wonders…. come all you who are thirsty and drink from the Living Waters. I took her home and gently placed her on some roses on the dining room table. I mixed a bit of honey and water and proceeded to drip this on a rose petal. To my amazement the little proboscis unfolded and the butterfly started to drink. I began to think of how we need to drink in the Word, “Your Word is like honey on my lips..” “Drink all you who are thirsty..” Honey is a miracle liquid known for healing properties, and we have access to the body of Christ that was broken for healing in spirit, mind, and body.

I watched and checked on Roxy, periodically offering my honey/water mixture. I was amazed to see her stretch her wings. She started to move around the roses, resting delicately on them. The Word of God brings healing to those that believe, and are washed in the Living Waters. I was reminded in my inner-most being of the grace and mercy of God, His love for us that knows no bounds, an unconditional love. This tiny creature was witnessing to me, and the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth was revealing the character and grace of the Father.

It came to the end of our stay near the beach, and I carefully wrapped the roses and placed them in a container, strapping them with Roxy into the back seat of my car. Our Father God does the same, He protects us and if we allow Him to, He places us where we are safe…He takes us to places where He knows we will be in His presence, and where we will be secure. Roxy could have flown off those roses, but she seemed happy to stay, almost dependent on me. Because of her dependence I was able to protect her from the birds, ants and heat. How many times do we not stray from the protection of the Father, our choice to be independent and not to depend on Him. Yeshua faced death, and He asked His Father if the cup could pass Him by, but He said, “Thy will, not Mine.” If Yeshua Messiah seeks the will of the Father, then we should too.

Once at home I showed Roxy to my granddaughter and daughters. They were taken aback with the beauty of this once sand covered, dying butterfly, and it made me wonder how many times I share the beauty of Yeshua. How quick was I to show and tell of my rescue, but how often do I not share my own rescue with other because I may feel uncomfortable. I was a Roxy, my rescue by Yeshua was life changing and I cherish Him, love Him and serve Him. Yet, I typically keep His beauty that is beyond human understanding from others.

I returned home from running an errand and could not find Roxy. I started searching for her, and was overjoyed when I found her on the other side of the room. She seemed weak and when I offered her honey/water she immediately started to drink. This reminded me that we often think we can do things on our own, flying off on our own will. This may land us in difficult, or dangerous, situations (spiritually, mentally or physically), but the Father wants us to remain with Him. However, if we take off, He will pick you up and offer you His grace and forgiveness. You must accept it though, and “drink it” to revive you and give you life.

Roxy lived for five days, she eventually died, as all things do. But this rescued butterfly gave me life. I gave her life by offering her protection, honey and water. I should be more generous with my ‘honey and water’ and offer it to those that seem weighed down, are lying lifeless on the sands of life, have flown off and are lost. Sometimes these people are not way out there, they are right next to us, in our homes and friendship circles. They are the fabric of our lives, friends, family and neighbours. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that bear witness to Who we serve, Who we are filled with, and Who loves us unconditionally. Father is always watching, has freely made available to us ‘honey and water’. He protect us, and desires us to stay in His presence.

Father, I ask that just as this beautiful butterfly entered my life and witnessed to me, that I would share Your grace and love with those around me. Empower me with Your Spirit to taste and see that You are good, that I might share Your beauty for Your honour and Your glory. Amen

Author: kallahquimi

Redeemed, restored and stirred.

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