Soapy encouragement

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After having a cup of coffee and a time of fellowship with a friend we said goodbye. She reached into her handbag and fished out a bar of soap, apologising that it was not wrapped, she whispered, “I am not sure why I have to give this to you, but I know there is a reason.” This friend often gave me prophetic or encouraging gifts. I gracefully accepted the naked bar of soap and wondered what the reason for the gift was. I may have sniffed myself to check that the gift was not a personal hygiene gift.

At home I placed the soap on my shelf and would glance at it in passing over the next few weeks. There on the shelf sat this rectangular piece of soap, omitting a soft sandalwood fragrance. It was cream with little streaks of brown. Just soap. Just there. Just being. It was only when I needed to replace soap in the shower that I picked up the gift. Using the soap I became aware that it was hard to use, the edges were sharp, it was not easy to hold. The fragrance was clean and fresh, and it did what soap does. However, as I used the soap the edges softened, the little brown streaks deepened to reveal rich orangery-golden layers previously hidden from view. The fragrance also became stronger and it became much easier to hold and use.

I realised that the reason for the gift was to remind me that gifts given to us by YHWY need to be used. It is when we use our gifts that we see the beauty, smell the fragrance and realise the power, like those unseen layers of soap. If the soap had remained on the shelf, it would still be a rectangular bar of soap with faint brown lines, hard edges and a faint fragrance. However, in using the soap with water it softened and was refreshing, fragrant and cleansing. I began to think about availing myself in the hands of the Master. How the waters that He takes me through might be hot but reveal His beauty within me. I pondered how He had softened and removed my sharp edges. I considered how His Spirit revealed a fragrance, and I remembered that the blood of Yeshua cleansed me.

My friend had no idea why she was to give me a bar of naked soap. But her obedience unlocked such a blessing. This served as a reminder that it is imperative to listen carefully when asked to do things for brothers and sisters in Christ. After all we are His funnels and while we may not understand the purpose of His command, it is not about us but about bringing Him glory through obedience. He will always reveal the purpose of a gift to the receiver, renewing minds and bringing spiritual growth. Ephesians 4:23 -24 reminds us: “to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

I hope that this soapy story encourages you to discover who you are in Him, to step out in faith and obedience, even if it means handing someone a bar of soap. May He bless you and keep you, and cause His face to shine upon you.