At His feet

Mary sat at the feet of Yeshua, listening to what He taught.

Luke 10: 39

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I have read the recount of Mary and Martha numerous times in Luke 10:38 – 42. There is a buzz in town as Yeshua Messiah has arrived. Martha sets her house in order and starts preparing to entertain the Messiah. Mary, well she finds a spot at the feet of Yeshua, she hangs off every word He speaks, she is close to him. Luke 10: 38 As Jesus and His disciples continued on their way to Jerusalem, they came to a village where a woman named Martha welcomed them into her home. 39 Her sister, Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, listening to what He taught. However, this displeases Martha, who is upset that her sister is not helping with the meal preparation. She is so disgruntled that she asks Yeshua to send Mary into the kitchen to assist. Verse 41 But Jesus said to Martha, “Martha you are fussing over all these details. 42 There is really only one thing that you should be concerned with and Mary has discovered that and I will not deny her this.

It is likely that Martha and Mary had been preparing for this meal from well before Yeshua arrived, and it may be that Mary considered the preparations to be sufficient. Another explanation may be that Martha was so efficient that Mary decided that she would only be in the way. So she positions herself with intent in a specific spot, signalled by the word “AT”. This delineates a specific place, there is a focused decision as to where she sits: at His feet. In the Scripture we are introduced to Martha, the sister who kept the house, this would imply that she was older than Mary. Mary was younger and in love with Yeshua. She was seated at His feet as He reclined at the table because she wanted to be close to Him, she wanted to be ready to jump up and serve Him. What she had discovered was being in love with Yeshua Messiah.

Martha loved Yeshua too, but she was preparing for Him, she was serving Him out of love, but she had not discovered being in-love. She was fussing about detail, showing that she cared, she wanted everything to be perfect for Him. Yeshua does not reprimand Martha, rather He tells her that Mary is in the right place spiritually. Mary is in-love, she recognises the importance of being close, of not fussing and having everything perfect. Mary chooses and desires to position herself at the feet of the one she loves.

After a little reading I discovered that not much is known about Mary, yet she is mentioned again in John 11:28-32. Lazarus, brother of Martha and Mary had passed away and they were in mourning. We know that Jesus was very fond of Lazarus and spent a good deal of time with him. A distraught Martha goes out to meet Jesus as He approaches their village. Martha returns to the house and informs Mary that Jesus is on His way. In verse 29 we read, “So Mary immediately went to Him.” and in verse 32, “When Mary arrived and saw Jesus, she fell down at His feet..” This is the second time that we read of her positioning herself in a humble position, being close to Him. Mary positions herself at His feet once more time in John 12:3 when she took a jar of nard oil and anointed the feet of Jesus. This was a prophetic act as it was in preparation for His burial. Once again she is found at the feet of Jesus, this time anointing Him and drying His feet with her hair. She is close to Him, but in humility.

In Ruth 3 we read about Naomi telling Ruth to lie at the feet of Boaz. It was customary for servants to lie at the feet of their master and Naomi advised Ruth to do this to demonstrate her submission and willingness to serve. So for Mary to place herself at His feet, she was demonstrating her willingness to serve, she was humbling herself before the King and she was doing so in-love. Where do we position ourselves? Are we fussing with things that we consider important to prove that we love Him? Or are we humble, ready to serve, listening to His words and in-love, so much so that we desire to be as close as we can to Him.

Take time out of your busyness and put aside the fussing. Just place yourself at His feet, humbly sit there so that you can listen to Him and feel His grace, mercy, and love wash over you. Discover what Mary discovered – be in-love with Jesus.