Anything is possible with belief

Photographer unknown

Read: Mark 9: 14-29

Verse 22: “But if at all possible, for You, have compassion on us and help us. Do something if You can.” Verse 23: “What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Yeshua asked. “Anything is possible IF a person believes.” Verse 24: The father replied instantly, “I do believe, but help me not to doubt.”

Mark 10: 27: And looking at them intently Jesus said, “Humanly speaking it is impossible. But not with God. EVERYTHING is possible with YHWH.”

How often do we pray for answers or help with events in life? We say with our mouths that we believe that Elohim gives all things and can do all things, but what do our hearts believe? This question is not if it is possible for God to do something, but do we really believe what we believe.

Let’s pause for a minute and ponder the awesomeness of our Creator Father. Stop and listen to nature, watch a storm forming, and consider all the reactions and actions taking place at that moment in time. There is life within life. Take a plant for example, there are thousands of cells each with its own function. The cells form walls that give the plant its shape. Birds have their own songs, pitches, and tones, with which they communicate. Insects do little things that are integral to the bigger cycle of life. All of this life has life within it and we are all made up of thousands of cells required to maintain life. This came to be by the Word of God, He spoke, and it was. How can we think that anything is impossible for our Father?

God loves us and He holds us in His hand. In Isaiah 49:16 we read that our name is inscribed upon the Lord’s hand. YHWH created you flesh and spirit. Not only are we alive as humans (physically), but we are spiritually alive in Christ Jesus our Saviour. That is something to get excited about. How full of life are you though? Are you living as one with an extra portion? Being alive in a world that is full of life is energizing.

In Mark 9 we read of a father that brings his son to the disciples for healing. They try to heal him but are unsuccessful, Yeshua was not present. There is a little gem right here, when you pray for healing Yeshua must be present – healing is for HIS glory and esteem. Yeshua tells the disciples that this healing (casting out of demons), can only be done by prayer and fasting (v: 28-29). This father is desperate and maybe after witnessing the disciples praying and laying hands on his son, he may have had doubt that there was ever a cure for his boy. He approaches Yeshua and asks Him if He could possibly heal the boy. Yeshua puts the responsibility back on the boy’s father. Yeshua tells him that it is possible, but that belief is needed – that is the responsibility. Yeshua knows that He can cure this boy, He is able to do all things (with God ALL things are possible). It comes back to us – if YOU are able to believe. The man’s reply is priceless, “I do believe, help me not to doubt.”

This father was desperate, he was in a hopeless situation. He heard about the Messiah and this gave him hope. He knew through word-of-mouth that Yeshua had healed and cured others, the father was filled with hope. This hope was dashed by the disciples’ inability to heal; however, he did not give up and he approached Yeshua personally. The boy’s father asked for compassion and then healing. In doing this he was recognised Yeshua’s ability, despite his own inability. He desperately wanted to believe that his son could be healed, he showed humility in asking that Yeshua would strengthen him so that he would not doubt. The man was afraid that he would not have enough belief. This is so precious, and I know an area I fall short in. Yeshua himself told the disciples (and us) that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed we can move mountains. How many times have you given up because you think that you don’t have enough belief? I have a very dear friend and she always tells me that, ‘It is done, you just have to walk into it in belief.’

What a victorious way of living! If you had witnessed the miracle of this young boy would it change the way you believe? Would it change the way you think about the ability of the Father, and your own belief in the Father’s love for you? If you had been in the crowd would your jaw drop and would you exclaim, “Unbelievable!” Here is a truth for you, you were in the crowd. The Word of God is living, and you read it, so in reality you were there, you experienced it. How does this make you feel? Maybe there is a little gem in the way we proclaim something that is miraculous as unbelievable. Think about that. Whenever something good, or supernatural, happens many people will give the believable a negative – unbelievable. Have we man-washed ourselves into thinking that the believable is too good to believe? I speak a second language and even in that language believable has a negative.

Still not sure about possibilities? Take a walk outside and feel the breeze or wind – nobody knows where it comes from or where it goes. Watch the sea and wonder about the beauty that lies beneath the ocean – why is it there? Because YHWH is almighty, and majesty, and He created it. Look at a tree with each leaf full of cells that produce oxygen as a by-product for us to breathe . Everything that lives has breathe, and that breathe was breathed by YHWH!! How can you not become excited about impossibilities? Do you believe? Do you desire to be in a place where you see the unbelievable? Then go to the feet of the King of Kings, clamber into the arms of the Father. YHWH desires to do good for His children, He wants to bless those who seek His will.

In Luke 22: 42, we read that Yeshua prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane: “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but Yours be done.” Yeshua, Son of YHWH Most High, understood that nothing was impossible for Father. Yeshua teaches us that when we seek the will of the Father there is peace, mercy and grace. The next verse is encouragement, and reassurance that even when faced by a trials, YHWY gives us strength to face it. Luke 22:43, “Now an angel from Heaven appeared to Him, strengthening Him.” Yeshua was NOT removed from the hour, because there was a glorious end! But He was strengthened so that He could face the cross, defeat death, and be found glorious, and worthy to open the scroll (Revelations 5:4-7).

Father God, how awesome is Your creation, nature cries of Your majesty and witnesses of Your authority, and many possibilities. I would ask that my faith and belief in You would not hinder the plans that You have already put in place for me. Oh, Father that You would help me not to doubt, but to seek Your will, and no matter what to trust in Your will. Please strengthen my belief, help my unbelief when it seems impossible, remind me that belief as small as a mustard seed is all I needed. Amen.

Soaring in His love

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles

Isaiah 40:31

Photo that I took of a Brahminy Kite – Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

On one of my walks along the beach, I stopped to watch a Brahminy Kite gliding on the thermals. It was a beautiful sight, the kite appeared to hang in the air as if suspended by an invisible cord, no flapping or urgency – just going with the air current. I took in the beauty and started to thank YHWH for my ability to see and the blessing of being in that place at that moment. I began to witness His Spirit stirring within me, making me aware of His majesty and reminding me of Isaiah 40:31.

The kite had its wings stretched out, allowing the air beneath its wings to move and lift it into the sky. There was no flapping or resisting, it was just gliding in the air. I realised that this bird was not focused on the currents, but was searching for prey below. I chuckled to myself and thought of how I flap and rush throughout my day, focusing on circumstances and not on goals. The bird trusted the currents and instinctively did what it was designed to do. I started thinking of my own faith. I was designed to serve, designed to worship and designed to walk in faith, to be filled by the Set-Apart Spirit of Truth. There was a connection between the Kite’s ability to glide on the unseen currents without fussing, this bird instinctively trusted its ability to glide through the air and walking with Jesus. When the current dropped it never flapped, just raised its tail feathers a little to catch more updraft – unbelievable. When I feel I am dropping I tend to flap, scurry and panic… Was this a reflection of my trust? Who do I trust more – my plans or the plan of a lovingly-committed Father?

I have blogged about love letters before, well here is a big one! My spirit was starting to get so excited, I realised that I needed to be like this magnificent bird. I needed an undoubting faith in the Father’s hand that holds His children and His Spirit that guides us in His will. I remember asking, “Father, please renew my mind and make me sensitive to the gentle nudge of Your Set-Apart Spirit of Truth.” I didn’t want to flap excessively, but rather put my trust in Him so that I can fly high like the Brahminy Kite. I was so excited I thought that I may forget all that my spirit was experiencing at that given moment. As I walked on I spotted a pebble, picking it up I made out the faint outline of a bird in flight. This reminded me of the kite and I realised that no matter where I was, no matter what I had done or not done – YHWH was almighty and lovingly-committed to His chosen ones.

I had a principal who once told the staff that if we had a problem we were not to do a Goose. He went on to explain that we were not to come into his office, flap around, squawk and make a mess – then leave. We should rather enter calmly, with a potential solution to the problem and discuss the matter with him. This was wise advice that can be applied to our spiritual life. If place our trust in Him, seek His will and guidance, instead of doing a Goose, we will be renewed and soar on the wings of eagles (Isaiah 40:31). Remember that YHWH has a plan for each of us, no matter where we are, no matter what we have done…the Father has so much in store for those who trust Him and seek His will. He wants us to soar and glide in His Spirit. I must add that I have seen Geese soar and fly with minimal effort through the sky, and mean no disrespect to any Goose lovers.

Isaiah 40:31 “But those who wait on Elohim will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” We still need to walk, we will experience down drafts, but we will be in the presence of our Almighty Father, He will cover us in the shadow of His wings, His Spirit will lift us up and place our feet upon the solid rock.